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Breaking news! Two new features have been added to the Instagram platform.  

Instagram is continuously changing. In the last two months new updates have surprised us all such as sharing links through stories for accounts with less than 10k, and a call to action so everybody can share a picture.  

In this occasion, Roxanne Chinoy, responsible for Partnerships on Instagram in Mumbai, India, announces on her personal IG account @ladyroxpop two new updates involving posts that we can’t miss:  

Firstly, in the feed posts that have already been published, Instagram will enable us to delete a picture from an image carousel individually without deleting the whole post. This feature is already active so go now and delete that picture from the carousel that you hate so much! 

How do we do so? Go to settings in the post that you want to alter, and from the Edit tab on the picture selected, select the trash can that is on the left upper corner of each image.   

Secondly, users may add music to their new feed posts, as it was already possible on stories and reels. This new feature is only available for some countries around the world such as India, Brazil and Turkey.  

While we wait for this feature to be available in Argentina, let’s see the steps. Music will be added to posts on their last step, right before selecting “share” and we will choose a song from “trends”, “for you” (based on your activity) or “recently played”.  

Therefore, users who see such post will spot the song between location and advanced settings. Music will start playing when the user gets into the post. Also, you can pick which part of the song will be played.  

Two new updates that keep on evolving within the Instagram world. What will be next? Follow the news in our Blog and find out all the social media developments.  

Thanks for reading | NC Team 



Carlos is a National Certified Public Accountant from UBA (University of Buenos Aires), with over 40 years of experience in domestic and international in the tax and accounting field. He provides consultancy to companies and individuals on tax and financial management. 

Verónica Ríos Borgogni

General Account Director

Verónica holds a BA in journalism and she has been working on Nueva Comunicación for over 20 years in the area of planning, development and implementation of corporate communication plans with sector associations, domestic and international companies. Moreover, she is a member of the Counseling for Spokespersons team, in which she coordinates courses of Media-Coach. 

María Belén Millán


Belén holds a BA in Journalism (USAL university) and she has an extensive experience in corporate communication counselling and brand PR, marketing and digital content, and crisis management and communication. She delivers training programs in Media Training and Personal Branding. She was granted a scholarship in U.S.A. by USIA (United States Information Agency). 

Luis Leyro


Luís holds a BA in Political Science and has specialized in political, institutional and corporate communication matters. He has over 25 years of experience in Nueva Comunicación in the development of accounts related to public services sector, industrial, consumers and finance sectors, among others. 

Marcela Ibiricu


Marcela holds a BA in Public Relations (UADE university). She has over 30 years of experience within the field of corporate strategic communication and media management. General Account Director is her role in Nueva Comunicación and she is in charge of the accounts of several customers related to the corporate sector, retail, health and mass consumption, among others. Concerns, Petitions, Complaints and Grievances in Social Media. 

Matteo Goretti

General Account Director

Matteo is a political scientist. He is a specialist in business and institutional communication, image and campaigns. Besides his 20 years’ experience as a director in Nueva Comunicación, he is Chairman in Fundación CEPPA (Research Center for Applied Public Policies).

Daniel Gonzalez


Daniel holds a BA in Sociology and postgraduate studies in Methodologies and Statistics in Social Sciences. He has been a Research Manager in Nueva Comunicación for over 20 years now. 

Iván Damianovich


Iván holds a BA in Journalism, granted by Del Salvador University. He has been working in Nueva Comunicación for over 20 years and he has specialized solidly in public identity (image, reputation and development) of business accounts, business associations and political campaigns.

Corina Tareni


Corina holds a BA in Public Relations. She works in Nueva Comunicación since 1985. As an executive director there, she has led communication and cross-platform comprehensive strategies for their domestic and international customers. Her expertise blends corporate, institutional and brand communication with public relations, digital marketing and concerns, petitions, complaints and grievances in social media.

César Mansilla


César is founder and chairman in Nueva Comunicación. He has built his professional career providing counseling to top national and foreign companies on communication, Public Affairs and Lobbying for over 30 years


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