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We create communication strategies that match your goals.

We support companies in building up their authentic and enticing narrative, fully focused to make their most ambitious goals a reality.

Corporate communication

Organizations should be supported by a narrative that is fully committed to their activities. We develop 360° strategies to broaden their statements, strengthen institutional cooperation and to create engagement with several involved players.


Brand PR

Press and Media relations

Event management

Internal communication

Every company has its own story. We know how to share it.

Digital marketing

We create identities, concepts and campaigns that go beyond the medium, connect emotionally with our audience and enable customers to meet their desired outcomes.


Social Media

Digital media



Concerns, Petitions, Complaints and Grievances.

A good story will stay with us forever.

Public affairs & political consulting

Trust and commitment are the hallmarks of our work. We build and support our customers’ reputation through integration strategies, management and involvement in relevant public affairs to their administration.



Political campaigns

Counselling for spokespersons


We protect and boost the stories that matter most.

Crisis management

Our experience in the resolution of crisis scenarios enables us to detect problems at an early stage and to build transmedia management protocols to overcome any challenge. 


Scenario simulation

Protocol creation

Media monitoring

Impact analysis

Support and management 24/7, preserving your reputation.

Personal branding

Work activities are an extension to our lives; therefore, it is essential to project it consistently and genuinely. A communication strategy does not mean to speak at any cost, but to identify what, when and which means to use in order to communicate with the goal of preserving reputation from any threat. 


Media training

Social media training

Personal branding

Employee advocacy

Personal image consulting

Working on brand and personal development is not an opportunity, but a responsibility.

Advertising: creativity and design

We create brands with their own personality so they match emotionally with their target. We position our customers in graphic, audiovisual and digital media according to the market trends and we create a plan that fits the goals of each customer. 


Visual identity

Graphic material and audiovisual design

Corporate identity

Online and offline media planning and buying

We add value to your brand and bring it to life.



Carlos is a National Certified Public Accountant from UBA (University of Buenos Aires), with over 40 years of experience in domestic and international in the tax and accounting field. He provides consultancy to companies and individuals on tax and financial management. 

Verónica Ríos Borgogni

General Account Director

Verónica holds a BA in journalism and she has been working on Nueva Comunicación for over 20 years in the area of planning, development and implementation of corporate communication plans with sector associations, domestic and international companies. Moreover, she is a member of the Counseling for Spokespersons team, in which she coordinates courses of Media-Coach. 

María Belén Millán


Belén holds a BA in Journalism (USAL university) and she has an extensive experience in corporate communication counselling and brand PR, marketing and digital content, and crisis management and communication. She delivers training programs in Media Training and Personal Branding. She was granted a scholarship in U.S.A. by USIA (United States Information Agency). 

Luis Leyro


Luís holds a BA in Political Science and has specialized in political, institutional and corporate communication matters. He has over 25 years of experience in Nueva Comunicación in the development of accounts related to public services sector, industrial, consumers and finance sectors, among others. 

Marcela Ibiricu


Marcela holds a BA in Public Relations (UADE university). She has over 30 years of experience within the field of corporate strategic communication and media management. General Account Director is her role in Nueva Comunicación and she is in charge of the accounts of several customers related to the corporate sector, retail, health and mass consumption, among others. Concerns, Petitions, Complaints and Grievances in Social Media. 

Matteo Goretti

General Account Director

Matteo is a political scientist. He is a specialist in business and institutional communication, image and campaigns. Besides his 20 years’ experience as a director in Nueva Comunicación, he is Chairman in Fundación CEPPA (Research Center for Applied Public Policies).

Daniel Gonzalez


Daniel holds a BA in Sociology and postgraduate studies in Methodologies and Statistics in Social Sciences. He has been a Research Manager in Nueva Comunicación for over 20 years now. 

Iván Damianovich


Iván holds a BA in Journalism, granted by Del Salvador University. He has been working in Nueva Comunicación for over 20 years and he has specialized solidly in public identity (image, reputation and development) of business accounts, business associations and political campaigns.

Corina Tareni


Corina holds a BA in Public Relations. She works in Nueva Comunicación since 1985. As an executive director there, she has led communication and cross-platform comprehensive strategies for their domestic and international customers. Her expertise blends corporate, institutional and brand communication with public relations, digital marketing and concerns, petitions, complaints and grievances in social media.

César Mansilla


César is founder and chairman in Nueva Comunicación. He has built his professional career providing counseling to top national and foreign companies on communication, Public Affairs and Lobbying for over 30 years


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