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#CommunityManager: 10 key points for entrepreneurship in social media. 

There is no doubt that social media is part of our lives from different views: we get up and get on Twitter to learn about the latest news, we post an outing with friends on Instagram and we wish our relatives a happy birthday on Facebook.  In addition to find room for leisure in social media, they are a source of employment.

Organizing content, scheduling news, choosing the perfect picture, sharing storytelling, building community and knowing what to say in social media is a journey that means learning, training and lots of practice.

Along with the Social Media Team from Nueva Comunicación, we share 10 tips that we use with our customers so you can too jump into the digital world and become a #CommunityManager expert. 

1. Organization: not a skill but a work mode.

Learning how to be organized is a key point and, in order to achieve this, calendars are a road map. Ideally, it should be planned by periods – weekly, monthly, and so on- depending on what each project takes. Microsoft Excel is THE tool for this task. #Tip: if we are working with several accounts at the same time, we should use a window for each so not to mix up information. This will avoid misunderstandings!  

2. Support tools.  

There are several platforms to organize the tasks involved in digital projects that help us to organize daily. Some of them are: Trello (flexible tool for designing plans and organizing work flows with track), Urum (free app for designing feeds on Instagrams and other social media) and Canva (super useful for creating drafts or designs if you have no knowledge on Adobe suit).  

3. Identify, understand and define your target audience. 

Defining our target audience on age, gender, location, likes and interests, and so on, is going to enable us to plan a strategy by setting the tone we are going to use to talk to them, what kind of content we are going to offer and how we are going to raise interest in this account.  

4. Be present in social media but keep a web site too. 

Once the target audience is identified, we should define which social network we are going to be in according to the product or service we are offering. However, it is important to develop your own web page to share all your information and to have an active e-commerce site if required.  

5. Be strategic.  

Analyze how users behave and plan valuable content for the digital community. Often, we have some news or a preview to share. A tip is to divide the information instead of sharing it all at once. How? Telling followers that “in the next few days (or hours) we are going to share some news, stay put” is a good strategy.  

6. Active listening.

Keeping updated on the project’s topic or market is very important. From experts on the matter to the opinion within the digital community, this will be helpful to spot trends, needs and key points to explore.  

7. Interactive community. 

Staying active is a key feature when dealing with social media. Once we have already understood our audience, we have to communicate in the same language, interact with users, create constant nods (eloquent answers, etc.) What is all this? Make followers feel that you all belong to the same place, that you understand their ideas and that you bear in mind their opinions and suggestions.  

8. It’s better a justified response than a quick response without proof.  

Do not rush into a quick response if you don’t know the answer. Let’s do some research first. Even if it is a doubt, a complaint or a comment, it is crucial to elaborate a response that fits the user’s needs.  

9. Continuous training.  

We must invest in our knowledge. Technology improves daily and we have to face the challenge of being on the cutting edge of its continuous changes. Training, taking courses, watching tutorials and joining peer groups will keep us updated.  

10. Creativity. 

The last and one of the most important steps is to make use of your creativity. Do not forget to allow yourself some time to let your imagination fly. Let’s play, create and innovate. We learn from mistakes more than what we learn from hits, and social media allow us to go back and iterate over the planned strategies if they don’t work as expected.

Extra tip: don’t get frustrated. This is about being steady, trying, making mistakes, designing and erasing, making questions, researching and trying all over again. The key is to always enjoy what we are doing and remember that the digital world keeps on moving forward, so stay tuned for more updates! 

Thanks for reading | NC Team 



Carlos is a National Certified Public Accountant from UBA (University of Buenos Aires), with over 40 years of experience in domestic and international in the tax and accounting field. He provides consultancy to companies and individuals on tax and financial management. 

Verónica Ríos Borgogni

General Account Director

Verónica holds a BA in journalism and she has been working on Nueva Comunicación for over 20 years in the area of planning, development and implementation of corporate communication plans with sector associations, domestic and international companies. Moreover, she is a member of the Counseling for Spokespersons team, in which she coordinates courses of Media-Coach. 

María Belén Millán


Belén holds a BA in Journalism (USAL university) and she has an extensive experience in corporate communication counselling and brand PR, marketing and digital content, and crisis management and communication. She delivers training programs in Media Training and Personal Branding. She was granted a scholarship in U.S.A. by USIA (United States Information Agency). 

Luis Leyro


Luís holds a BA in Political Science and has specialized in political, institutional and corporate communication matters. He has over 25 years of experience in Nueva Comunicación in the development of accounts related to public services sector, industrial, consumers and finance sectors, among others. 

Marcela Ibiricu


Marcela holds a BA in Public Relations (UADE university). She has over 30 years of experience within the field of corporate strategic communication and media management. General Account Director is her role in Nueva Comunicación and she is in charge of the accounts of several customers related to the corporate sector, retail, health and mass consumption, among others. Concerns, Petitions, Complaints and Grievances in Social Media. 

Matteo Goretti

General Account Director

Matteo is a political scientist. He is a specialist in business and institutional communication, image and campaigns. Besides his 20 years’ experience as a director in Nueva Comunicación, he is Chairman in Fundación CEPPA (Research Center for Applied Public Policies).

Daniel Gonzalez


Daniel holds a BA in Sociology and postgraduate studies in Methodologies and Statistics in Social Sciences. He has been a Research Manager in Nueva Comunicación for over 20 years now. 

Iván Damianovich


Iván holds a BA in Journalism, granted by Del Salvador University. He has been working in Nueva Comunicación for over 20 years and he has specialized solidly in public identity (image, reputation and development) of business accounts, business associations and political campaigns.

Corina Tareni


Corina holds a BA in Public Relations. She works in Nueva Comunicación since 1985. As an executive director there, she has led communication and cross-platform comprehensive strategies for their domestic and international customers. Her expertise blends corporate, institutional and brand communication with public relations, digital marketing and concerns, petitions, complaints and grievances in social media.

César Mansilla


César is founder and chairman in Nueva Comunicación. He has built his professional career providing counseling to top national and foreign companies on communication, Public Affairs and Lobbying for over 30 years


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